I’ve had a few,

May 24, 2008 at 8:12 pm | Posted in antihaiku, blogging, music | 11 Comments
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but then again,


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  1. one of my all time favorite songs ever. EVER.
    love me some sex pistols. ~smooch~

  2. haha one of my favourite covers. Who’d have thought this song could work as the perfect articulation of the entire punk ethos? great.

  3. Had forgot about this one being done…haha, classic.

  4. Oh! this was fun to sing along to. I followed it up with my impression of Edith Piaf. Fabulous Saturday night, one for the road, shake it out and smile.

    Is there another message in here though? I hope I’m sitting in the back row when he draws his gun.

  5. Love the skinny jeans…

  6. but then again, he’s had a few more, and more, and more. . .

  7. …this made me dig deep in the archives for my ‘nevermind the bullocks’…God Save the Queen!

  8. oye. now i have friggin on the riggin in my head…

  9. the cabin boys name was skipper, he was a bloody ripper,

  10. johnny rotten you say of the sex pistols… strangely drawn to his demise i found disturbing…..

  11. Peter! Can you hear me! Over that racket. This is not the Sex Pistols. This is Sid’s one and only single after he quit the band, that is why it is good. It is a true story. And I am commneting you loudly here so I remember this as far as I got. Hahaha, boing boing,

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