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How then is it possible to contain actual magic in language?

huh? don’t tell me, he says scratching his ample arse and groping for a something in a blur of soft intoxication, not the bloody mirrorson-whatley effect again,

No sir, that was an actual question.

Oh well, she’s alive you see, the language, he says pulling his pants on backwards, created as spoken and by common consent, unruly, haha, truely untameable for which we are eternally grateful,

Yes sir. Oh one more thing. Cook wants to know what you would like for dinner?

oh chops, of course, thursday night every good jazzman got chops, says Bootsy, leaning his bass on the piano and heading for the bar,


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  1. “Chops (juggling) a juggling pattern for three balls or clubs
    “Chops” refers to the basic set of musical skills a musician possesses, particularly in jazz.” Wikipedia.
    Chops is a standard set of riffs and patterns that you can rely on and vary to fit in at a standard gig with new musicians you dont know, or to play around with and have fun.

  2. oooh yes! the magic in a single word… ~nodding vigorously~ oh damn i wish i hadn’t done that. my magic word today is **hangover** and a dark evil magic it is.

  3. i love the fourth stanza/paragraph, and the line “groping for a something in a blur of soft intoxication, not the bloody mirrorson-whatley effect again.”

  4. magic in language? I believe there is much magic in language. I think that there is a hidden tone behind many words that is engrained into us to spark an image or a memory, or maybe a sound, even if we only read that word rather than hear it. There are many sparks within this passage that provided me with a moment of being there, as both an observer and participant. I wonder how you see these things you write. Are you a participant, an observer, or the conjuror?

  5. Can I say all three cards without sounding like a wanker? Here the Morrsion-Huxley Effect which used to be the door through which the reader entered the work has become the door between the Last Time Machine pirate ship (SS GingaTao) and The Orchid Room. Or something, thankyou all for you wonderful commentatings, haha, set sail again, the most wonderful feeling,

  6. magic and ample arses are synonyms, I believe, at least in magical language.

  7. magic breaking through language rather than actually contained i would say…

    Thanks for your comment on Bolts of Silk btw, generally if there isn’t a link from a poet there, it means they haven’t given me a site to link to. Sorry…

  8. bootsy wasnt he… well, never mind.. magic words… perfect… opens doors with kalideoscope(?..too lazy to think of correct spelling..) eyes.. reminds me of an old beatles song… yellow and green flying over your head… enjoyed it immensely, always a pleasure to pass thru your musical notes…

  9. This exchange has the delirious ingenuity of a conversation between Beckett’s Murphy and Neary.

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