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Being a large and rather hairy creature he has learned to move with an implied gentility, careful not to brush against the little pink people. Shambling more like, since his back was broke that one time falling rolling jumping under a train. He sees a tiny miracle, a flower, alive like a star somehow breaking through the concrete. Just as he bends down to look more closely a child appears crouching, looking back over his shoulder, “What is this?”
“It is an Aefiel, my tiny one, don’t touch it or it will disappear,


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  1. Paul, this one is…so cwute! I love it. I’m probably embarassing you now, but this has a sensitivity and a playfulness I just adore. Of course, you’ve always had those elements, in different guises.


  2. This is cute. Just my thing really! And, truth be told, I always knew I was a little pink person..

  3. i really, really like it too. it’s cute, and playful. i hope you expand it. you could get a really great story out of it.

  4. Curious. Simple and tingling. I like 🙂

  5. oh. i am that flower? or maybe i write that flower. but tis’ nice, this thing you do. huzzah for little pink people and you.

  6. you writin about me?

  7. I like the little pink people. The hairy creature is very gentle with them.

    When I clicked on the Aefiel link it brought me to the most delicate and fethery blog. Thanks for that too. I found an Aefiel, I think. Is this a new poetic device, a blog metaphor? If so, very nice. If not, nice anyway.

  8. Aefiel’s are much more fragile than pink people, than flowers even. Children should be very gentle with them as they are easily frightened and if they cry, will soak the child with tears like rain. Best to compliment the Aefial on how handsome he looks in his fluffed fur today.

  9. Wasn’t Aefiel a character in one of Tolkien’s books?

  10. Aefiel’s blogthingy work of Art is one of my favourite places on the internet. Her writing is amazing in its clarity, it’s depth, it’s intelligence but most of all its beauty and sincerity.

  11. it is as neverneverland… if you believe you see.. or as the field of dreams… or harry the puka.. now he had personality… he was big.. harry not so sure.. aefiel is pixie dust …

  12. aefiel is a have gifted us. With your writing and hers.

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