sorry I’m late, Jim,

May 14, 2008 at 7:22 pm | Posted in poetry, prosepoemthingy, tshirt, writing | 14 Comments
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ahh, its overused, cool,
when you lose your chain of thought shed those shackles and slip beneath the smooth surface sunonhead where kisses are cool air in motion round your heart and somewhere exu is conspiring to possess you,
‘crimes are forgiven in the morning
which were committed in the moonlight’
she lies,


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  1. “sorry I’m late, Jim” is a key line in the video “Coffee and Cigarettes” in my vodpod labeled the Definition of Cool.

  2. lose your chain of thought and slip beneath the surface: beautiful way to express the subconscious world of dreams. crimes are forgiven in the morning. crimes are never forgiven.
    Yes, but coming from the mouth of a really beautiful and immoral woman it is a very seductive lie,

  3. another clever word play with “lies” – i love how you manage to make it work with both meanings… clever paul….
    ~i stopped pouncing… you needn’t flinch~
    woohoo my turn, huge leap through the air and tumble you gently over and over and over down the hill til we are covered in grass and dandelions in your hair and laughing, woohoo, take that,

  4. ~shaking head to create a dandy rain~
    mmmmm…. GingaPaul wants to play?
    smiling a predatory smile and tackling you flat to the ground. Be careful what you wish for …
    no way, careful and wishes don’t mixx,

  5. she lies indeed
    those crimes are forgiven by not bust darkness

  6. too cool, especially the alliteration from the 2nd to 3rd line

  7. Exu the trickster is trying to possess you – nice. I like your stuff Paul. I think some of it might be over my head though! 🙂

  8. i shed those shackles, but weeds entwine me in a difficult entaglement. pray, take me away with your every word.

  9. Who or what is exu? I think maybe an execute file might be trying to possess me. It will take over my hard drive and enter my fingers through the key board.

    There’s just enough enigma to create a mysery, balanced with images that filter through thegate. Lovely, really.

    And I see what you mean about the conversational energy, the stream of consciousness flow has an electricity here.

  10. Lovely, especially the ending.

  11. I thought I remembered an explanation somewhere here about the name gingaTao, but I don’t see it anywheres. will you divulge?

  12. simply beautiful, Mcpaulus.

  13. oh questions, i have a universal answer to all questions i am too lazy to answer, either it doesnt matter just enjoy the sound of it, or highlight with mouse and hit search, or you can use the search engine or tags and categories in here, if its a real serious philosophical answers you want i always recommend message in a matrix,
    and thankyou again for this wonderful sparkle of fireflies, wondrousnesses lighting up my cave as I fall asleep,

  14. “when you lose your chain of thought shed those shackles and slip beneath the smooth surface sunonhead where kisses are cool air in motion round your heart”

    Perfectly lovely…

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