3 haiku schmaiku

May 12, 2008 at 7:00 pm | Posted in antihaiku, poetry, writing | 11 Comments
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there is a difference between the ocean and the sea,
the sea stretches flat to the horizon and the ocean
turns back on itself and crashes as a wave of sound and energy,

that is to say i
promised controversy and
failed, never mind,

it may be possible to learn how to write poetry
but perhaps it is not possible
to learn how to be a poet,


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  1. i don’t understand this post so i’m shrugging, hands in the air, stoopid look on my face…
    Did you see your huge hug in the hidden post? anyway in case not I will leave another here, (((((((((((Lakota))))))))))))

  2. I love the difference between the ocean and the sea, I love the Alessaandro Barrico novel titled Ocean Sea – what does that signify.

    I read recently that a Poet (capitalised) is someone who not only writes the poetry but lives the lifestyle, wears the clothes, the comment was referring to Byron but equally could apply to others. In a more general sense, I would say that a poet is someone who is taking the writing of poetry seriously, committing to it.
    yaya, commitment, that is a good one, complete commitment might be a bit too much, maybe, except in certain controlled environment, after all one would not wish to be committed hahahahahaha, in a sense,

  3. definitely, complete commitment is too much,
    too much in the Jazz sense? like a compliment, wow man that was too much?

  4. Great poems. Japanese haikus present the scene as clearly as possible and make any meaning at the most implied. Western haikus, like these, organize the scene around the meaning — and I believe this is as it should be: hasn’t the western genius always been about spinning an intellectual web of sense which spans the universe?

    As far as the “what-is-a-poet” conversation is concerned, I can’t think of anything to say.
    Cool, that is a perfect delineation, west takes things apart to understand them and the east puts them together, seeks unities, to vastly oversimplify, and you also win a gentlemanly handshake like lakotas hug for you last and perfectly true sentence, (you)

  5. was my fuzzled brain so far gone this morning that i didn’t notice this was haiku?
    ~blinking owlishly~
    and yes, I snagged my hug the other day and will take this one as well thankyouverymuch.
    i’m greedy like that. ~tackling you for another hug~
    ow! tackled. no i changed into haiku when you weren’t looking, three card monte’d you were, haha,

  6. But is there really a differance? smile and ((((((you)))))
    woohoo Enigma hugs, my favourite, (((((((((((((((((((you)))))))))))))))))) yayayaya

  7. I’m sorry. I’m an agent from the International Haiku Accounting Board and you overstayed your syllable count. You owe us twelve syllables, preferably in t, p and k’s those power “mute” consonants we so value. In addition, I’m afraid that your distinction between the ocean and the c is merely spurious, meant to defraud, delude and confuse your readers. Just to clarify, this is by all regulations a Shmaiku and not a Haiku. And finally, poets can be clearly distinguished from those merely writing poetry by their universal garb: The Roman Toga and black cowboy boots.
    ocean, sound goes up, o, smacks down like a wave, shun. seeeee sound stretches out endlessly, bloody accountants,
    hahaha, snakeskin boots,

  8. Well, in short, I really loved this. Ocean and the sea, poetry and the poet. Amazing!

    However, IMHO, I think being a poet is a certain kind of way of being, or rather a mental disposition, and I feel it is unrelated to actually penning down a single word! 😉

    Of course, it is geniuses like you and Eliot who happen to be combinations of that mental disposition and verbs of actually penning them down… 😀
    Thanks Sumedh, I agree, it is a way of thinking, of processing information, yes that is my current position too,

  9. it’s genius to be able to evoke so much meaning into only nine lines. love that last stanza. i like the way the poem defines ocean and sea, poetry and poet, but in the end maybe the only distinction between the two are the ones i choose. a person’s feelings on whether or not they are or aren’t a poet can fluctuate and change moment from moment.
    Haha, thankyou Lissa, i know you are right cos i was agreeing with Sumedh and now I am agreeing with you, i changed my mind so you must be right, hmm, i’ confuseded now, too many hugs have twirled my brain,

  10. Your haiku shmaiku is great! Anyone who is compelled to write poetry is a poet. I really liked Johemmant’s comment/breakdown of it too, art is never static its always changing as you change and go through moods. I feel that each and every poem I write is different than the other. You’re a poet of the first-class order, and I know that all our good readers will agree.
    thankyou, change but hopefully a single unified aesthetic running through a body of work, a signature if you like can be quite important, you want to create a body of work more than write another poem,

  11. There sure is something in that thought..

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