or die trying,

May 9, 2008 at 6:22 pm | Posted in podcast, writing | 15 Comments
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Bang, F slams his glass down on the piano but by now i know its coming so i don’t drop the right hand, where’s Bootsy says F. out of the corner of his mouth while watching her cross the room with a trrrrailll of silk perfume, play an old standard he says to me clapping me on the back and filling my glass magically again with a wave of his hand, where’s three card? i’m bored, she wants to go to the theatre, the theatre! two hours of watching other people’s lives instead of living your own, fuck that play something loud and spiritual,
Live at the Orchid Room
more mad experiments with nonlinear time,
rage on, I say,


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  1. i like it… and the plug for the orchid room.

  2. I liked it too. And the orchid room. I check you all out over there, now and then, don’t really but I read. cheers.

  3. oops that should read ‘don’t really comment but I read. cheers.

  4. Love your voice! Any accent differnt from my own is like music. You have a deep tone most suitable for reading. Made the poem dance.

  5. watching other people’s lives instead of living your own: brilliant and so very true. I have thought that myself many times, when in some obscure, inexplicable moments I try to question arts and the like, and sometimes end up blaming them as a distraction from life itself. But that’s life itself 😉

  6. thanks everybody, the truth is i never listen to them after i do them, it is a truely horrible experience, i try, but then i turn them off immediately from sheer cringing, oh well,

  7. He he, I’m on Firefox now, can you dig it? I like how the thing thinks it’s smarter than me, we shall see who is the master and who is the puppet here. lol My bourbon glass maestro! It was Stella all along and Marlon Brando. James Dean was just trying to imitate Brando, he even tried to learn the bongos but he really was awful on them and couldn’t see his feet without his glasses.

  8. heh, F.G. I swear its true, i was just watching that video of yours with poem into the bar shuffle, and you were here, fates entwined on a paddlesteamer up a lazy river, perfect,

  9. Now my name will take you to my site, we have contact across the borders Sir S. yipee! And I can roam more securely.

  10. Yes, I am sickic, it thinks I meant psychic but it goes beyond all reason to the point of dementia. I am liking the Firefox if I can remember all my blasted passwords, I like the option thingys.

  11. It has built in spellcheck so one doesn’t have to look like an illiterate idiot unless one chooses to do so. I am having great fun with that!

  12. I bet you are over there watching Chicken Train now. I hope so.

  13. Yes I was, yeehah, if you want more toys, vodpod has one button collect from anywhere to whack it in the vodpod but your cinema is cool, dark and quiet like going to the movies, also google reader had saved me more time on interwebbery than anything, i like looking like an illiterate yokel, pick a card any card,

  14. I like the trraillll of perfume. Very creative.

  15. Bang!

    i wish i had some whiskey to down and slam the empty glass on the bar i like this so much

    so are blogs reading other peoples lives instead of writing your own??

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