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There is a spangled drongo on the fence outside the window and she is very much enjoying demonstrating her virtuosity in song. Spangled drongos are mimics, they learn the structure of their sounds from other creatures and weave them into their own unique and distinctive arias. There are some who claim that humans learned the idea of melody from birds.

I am wearing a black suit with an open necked red shirt. I don’t know why, I felt like dressing up. If there was a theme for the day it would be gratitude. I live in one of the most peaceful and tolerant countries on earth and for some reason I cannot fathom I have always been surrounded by beautiful women. Beauty which has nothing to do with bone structure and everything to do with womanhood. They have tolerated my brusque and uncouth company and have occasionally been amused by it. I want to define beauty. I was trying to do so in the paragraph above, it is something communicated. I want to encourage you to watch the video of Archie Roach in my vodpod.

I know I am taking up too much of your time but I won’t be writing for a few days so you can meander. The world is full of beauty and a lot of art is about expressing gratitude for the existence of beauty in the world. La Guernica has always been a favourite picture of mine. Of course it is about pain and suffering but it is predicated by Picasso’s love for his home and the women who made it.

We are grateful for the opportunity to love, that something exists in the world that allows us to love. I am a middleaged white man with many and various flaws of which I am painfully aware. I have been drunk and I have been mad. I have been consumed by frustration and anger. When I was younger I had an audience, I am in my own vodpod, but I did not have gratitude. It is women who will save the world, the only function of men is to explore.

I miss Sunonhead, his simplicity of expression. She is tiring of me, the spangled drongo. She has chicks to feed. Goodbye, I say out loud as she disappears into the evening, sorry,


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  1. bare and beautiful. i feel you brother. wow, this is like the most coherent, linear piece I’ve read here. it is without your usual cryptic aplomb, yet it is still distinctly you. it is expressive and honost with a compelling theme.
    other than that
    I hear cicadas.
    That is a really beautiful comment compliment, Oz, thankyou, i hear the little buggers every evening about now, maybe one of them snuck into the back of the machine.

  2. hmmm… and i would have said it is even more cryptic than usual.

    One of the things i love about your writing Paul is that there truly is something there for everyone, because you write with such fluid flexibility that the reader MUST enter it and make it their own on an intuitive level.

    hmmmm… i’m not communicating what i’m thinking very well, dammit.

  3. I bet you looked good all decked out in your Saturday best. Our speckled mockingbirds can incorporate several hundred songs into their arias, doorbells, cell phones, even cat and dog mimics lol… I was attacked by one while looking at her chicks in the nest, they are fearless parents, she drove her beak into my back lol I was bird bit! Now thats a story and a true one. Come see me anytime, always nice to see you dropped by. wish you could have been at my reading at the library, great fun was had by all, the library laid out snacks, printed flyers and invited newspapers. I was a star for an hour and a half, ham that i am, i loved it.

  4. lovely, lovely. I think we are all music, each one of us a musical note. Like your view on men and women too! You are surrounded by beautiful women because of your energy, didn’t you know? cheers.

  5. how peacefully you write. The beatles said “Love, Love, Love, they said “love” rather a lot, perhaps too much for some tastes, but i’m inclined to think the point still stands. gratitutude is important, knowing where you’ve come from, haw far one has travelled. and harmony in oneself. I sometimes wish I could practice what I preach a bit more, but yes all these are pertinant questions which you have adressed so sweetly, subtley and well. Whereas when I write about these sort of this, well a lot of things to do with life – about which, it has to be said, i still have much to learn – i often find i have to wrestle with a wave of sentiment. no such problems here.

    a moving and insightful piece. thanks.

  6. Ahhhhh… pure beauty and humble introspection. It reminded me of something akin to a 19th century German Romantic. Such a sweet song which displays plain honesty. Women can and will save the world- they have certainly saved my soul. I am grateful with you. Thank you for the beautiful piece to begin my day upon…

    Some day soon I will make it to that blog that you invited me to write upon. Thank you for the invitation.

    Enjoy Australia- it is God’s country.

  7. Lovely write Mr Squires….

    Thanks for sharing that part of you..

  8. Very nice. Looks like I’ve got a lot of reading to do around here. And after reading this one, I’m looking forward to more.
    Oh, and as I’m scrolling through your page I spot my name over there on your blogroll, cool. Thanks, Paul.

  9. Great gratitude for all your wonderful comments, it’s like a selffueling cycle,

  10. i loved the clarity and peace of it. i felt a softness and honesty in the piece that touched me.

  11. I like to explore too. I don’t want to save the world, only my sons. I’m selfish that way.

    Did you dress in black to mimic the spangled drongo?

    Your writing is very lyrical and entertaining.
    well you know what male birds are like, gotta be prettier,

  12. spangled drongo, what a wonderful name….

  13. There was a month a couple years ago where I really got into studying bird songs, and I must say, Australia has some of the most increadible bird songs in the world.

    This is a very calm and moving piece.

  14. This was beautiful, you should dress up once in awhile just for the ball. You don’t need glass slippers to sip champagne from or coaches carved from magical pumpkins. I love the birds. This fellow sounds ver much like our mockingbird, very stern in their grey and speckled suits of stately plumage and utterly fearless, even of the cat. When they killed the innocents at La Guernica, the civilian farmers and their wives it was a horror but when Picasso painted it he brought the horror back to the doorstep of its perpetrators. The painting to me represents the injustice of war. I have been fortunenate as well in being surrounded by beautiful women who love me; strong women with intelligent minds and tender hearts. I am truly blessed. An attitude of gratitude is the best cure for self pity that I know. It’s damn near impossible to be grateful and self-pitying at the same time. I like what D.H. Lawrence said in his poem Self Pity. “I never saw a wild thing sorry for itself. A small bird will drop frozen dead from a bough without ever having felt sorry for itself” We should be more like the birds. If we can learn harmony from them, ought we not to be able to learn to fly? Oh, not that we don’t have wings and modern aircraft but I mean only the soaring pleasure of the soul. I love to read your words. You never fail to inspire!

  15. I like the way you repost stuff – having only come upon your blog this year. This is a delightful and heartwarming piece. Archie Roach is indeed a spirit and by coincidence I have been listening to this song the past 2 weeks in my car (but sung by his friend Paul Kelly) – it’s so inspiring. My gratitude to you Paul Squires.

  16. I like these bursts through to the prose you.

  17. oh this is a welcome treat, thank you
    and the HTL vodpod, so good to see joie de vive
    alive from remarkable parisian era, mbravo

  18. somebody said you are most coherent here, now, i laugh.

    don’t be sorry, pooh bear 🙂 with a toast to womanhood, *clink*

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