Three Card prepares for a big night out.

April 29, 2008 at 6:10 pm | Posted in writing | 10 Comments
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Madness, they say, is doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting a different outcome but I had forgotten that I have such a bad memory, Three Card says, adjusting his pink bowtie in the mirror.


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  1. hmmm… and i always thought it was called practice.
    do it over and over and over until you get it JUST right. Right being, of course, the desired end result. But i’m a bit of a “bitch with a bone” type of girl. 😛
    “bitch with a bone” hmmm, katoy?

  2. I guess I must be mad.

    I wonder what adventures this three card chap will have……..?

  3. ~heh~ i thought you might like that word play.

  4. MADNESS?! Sounds like government work to me.

  5. Tell Mr. Monty I’ll take the card in the middle… no, no… wait… the card on the left… no… no, wait… Madness is as madness does.

  6. Stupendous piece, this, its depth more than compensating its shortness. Yes, much like government work too! 🙂

    The violin’s coming along fine, thank you, by doing much the same things over and over and over again, repeatedly, though by some small alterations and corrections, in order to attain that different outcome! 😀

    And it might be a few earth years, or maybe even hours (who knows?), but the day is not far away when I am going to be visible, before all, displaying that very different outcome. Without displaying the repetitions undertaken to achieve that, of course! 🙂

  7. and yes, that argentina goal was amazingly awe inspiring, I remember. I normally support Germany and Italy in world cups, though because of reasons more musical (! 😀 !), so I had a confused allegiance when Italy beat Germany. The headbutt in the end was amazing though, quite entertaining if its reasons are overlooked! 🙂

  8. Three Card reminds me of the villian in Fritz Lang’s classic early horror film,”M”.

    Props to you, gingatao. is “props to you” a well-known phrase? one of the props is an alarm clock. Where’s Three Card going? I’m scared.

  9. always a great day to hear from you.
    this anthology thing is a lot of work, but its day devoted to you is coming.

    What is going on with your wonderfulness?
    Hello hh, just the usual, more mad experiments in words, ironically doing the same thing and expecting different outcomes haha, i’m looking forward to the anthology, with you involved i know all the writing will be envelope pushing, exciting searching wild and wonderful, like you,

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