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April 21, 2008 at 7:16 pm | Posted in poetry, writing | 20 Comments
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though variously metaphored with latinisations
the roots of which twist and probe,
what is that dripdrop on my pinebox,
why have i been awoken from the lull
of my mothers heart sending waves
through dark eternity to this
immediate hunger,
removed again from still shadows
and mute reflection into the morbid
trundlings of the human, their petty grasping
and futile gossip,
if thou hast some mission for me, prospero,
state it obvious and without the shrill whispers
of some ariel, otherwise return me to my rest,
i have been daemon long enough and wish only
to be wrapped in the comfort of the vine,


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  1. Perfection. Quite brilliant in fact, it flows perfectly, structure is amazing, sheer poetry. The lull of my mother’s heart to the comfort of the vine.
    Thanks Jo, not quite perfection i think though, can you remind me at some stage to make it clear that this isn’t a grape vine, that it is gnarly and thorny,

  2. a fabulous lament of the heart.
    thanks Sumedh, fabulous, weaving fables together, cool,

  3. the form is good–the fruit of vine is better. The lull of my mother’s heart is excellent
    Thanks Scot. I see your apostrophe, haha; and raise you a semicolon.

  4. okay, how badly am i going to get spanked if i admit this makes me think of a vamp, resurrection, etc.? ~sorry… wincing~
    no, you are right, no shadow nor reflection i have been whispering and you are the first to come out and say it, my cover is blown, now i must disappear out the curtained window, thankyou for noticing, no spanking, a hollywood air kiss instead,

  5. We’re naught but vulnerability, no matter how the storms are weathered. I feel the humanity, Paul… and it feels good.
    Thanks Bob. Did you pick a piece for your magazine yet? It’s ages since I’ve been in a journal. It’ll be fun.

  6. no wake but for bloodlust
    our mother’s tongue
    another one who picked the vampire undercurrent, cool, thanks Oz,

  7. great imagery. perfect flow.. hurrah!
    Hurrah, throw hats in the air, hello, thankyou,

  8. You put it so sweetly. Maestro. The birds are in awenvy.

  9. I have this overwhelming urgent need to tell you something intense but non-poetic and crass like ‘you’ve just impressed the shit out of me,’ which you have, that was brilliant.
    Cool, feel free to give into that urge any time, thankyou,

  10. Hmmm, back to say I have been thinking about tempests that wash vampires up on strange shores, dark magic embodied, enslavement……brilliant mingling of tales, not forgetting the whole metamorphosis angle. Yes, wonderful, you.
    Thanks again Jo, you have read so much of my stuff you can see the threads weaving all the way back to the Caliban poems and so forth. It’s very reassuring to know someone has the whole thing in their head cos I don’t think I do,

  11. no spanking?
    Hey Scot, you volunteering?

  12. Vines are your think lately.

    Lots to chew on here..my mind is a whirl.
    Cool, hello again, thankyou,

  13. ok–somebody spank lakota
    whose turn is it today to offer a little hospitality, yours, I think, Scot, flail away,

  14. 😛

  15. petty grasping and foolish gossip…amen brother..preach on…

  16. Gets better with the passing of time…….always assuming it’s actually passing 🙂

  17. Welcome to the internet, John Milton
    Milton, cool, one day I am going to go back through and collect all the writers my work has been compared to over the life of this bloggedy blog, it’s a long and flattering list, thanks Amuirin,

  18. Welcome to the net, Monty Pyth–

    Oh, never mind…

  19. Bob always makes me laugh.
    Me too, he is the funniest bloke I ever met on the web, by far,

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