overcoming performance anxiety (3)

April 19, 2008 at 6:17 pm | Posted in poetry, writing | 8 Comments
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harpos a’bound,
seal nods them a ball, mountebanks hands one two three
thoughtbubble pops,
whoops, there is such a thing
as a wicked grin, an errant hand,
outside on the lawn the adults
are playing croquet,


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  1. oh yes, wicked grins, this is so very you, you. (ps love that second smile of a line).

  2. i like this one, her thought bubble sez and i have never minded when the adults went off to do adult things that really are so very very boring.

  3. sounds just like paul squires–honk, honk

  4. Glad things have calmed down here…your blog is back to being part of my morning ritual.

    Good stuff, Paul.

  5. Damn it, Tina, stay out of my mind!

  6. Damn it, Tina, stay out of my mind!

  7. Holey mackeral, double barrelled Bob echoes, glad to hear things have settled down for both of you, i have been shaking things up instead,

  8. thought bubbles are always great.

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