dedication, to the reader,

April 18, 2008 at 7:03 pm | Posted in prosepoemthingy, writing | 11 Comments
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if there was a card for you it would be
just you, please don’t delete,
you know sometimes i fear i am completely insane,


and you made me feel sane by somehow understanding something or other

, i don’t know what cos really i am just me,
just a human, fairly decent, trust my instincts, drink a bit too much at times,
i think we should be proud of who we are, even if it is just the honesty to admit a mistake,
whoops i wasn’t concentrating, sorry, or
you know these things happen,
everyone just is who they are, and you,
whoever you are, behind the icon avatar,
remain forever, enigma


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  1. In my humble opinion, sanity is like coherent adaptability to social preconceptions acceptableness, and hence insanity is like an art form, basking in the beauty of subjective individuality…and hence a rarity of a gift…

  2. preconceptions AND acceptableness is more like what I meant above…the stupid keyboard can’t fill in the blanks while reading my mind, which is obviously only half conscious while typing, while the other half is concerned about the muscle memory of fiddling…

  3. And I’m sorry for the third comment in a row, but I thought I’ll let you know that because of my insane obsessions with blog modifications, you might have to get troubled and subscribe to the new RSS…yet again…

  4. …if you so wish to, of course… *Slap myself* *get back to work*…

  5. Lovely enigma, I miss her.

  6. 🙂

  7. Another soldier lost to the RL
    a fat much akin to living

  8. 🙂 referred to your writing–not enigma bugging out

  9. I’m obviously missing the cutlet in the burger here, the link above denies me permission, and I am left to use my rusted imagination…

  10. Yes, Sumedh, enigma has become even more of an enigma, I will go check your feeds, they are behaving oddly but your photographs are still wildly beautiful,

  11. Preacher say boy now where you been?
    Getting lead in my pockets,
    putting money in sin.

    Some times you just gotta let it ride…

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