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You know the most successful blogs around are blogs about blogging for money, not actually blogging for money but blogging about it, whoosh, it’s like a toilet bowl seriously. I don’t mind if you just want to blog your life and use it to stay in touch with friends, I am just not going to be particularly interested because you obviously have too much time on your hands to be an interesting person. Oh by the way Chinese blogging is particularly interesting at the moment, because of certain lets just say upcoming events and the disappearance of any visible dissent in Burma and the situation in various other parts of the region, geography in which it is difficult to actually control anything except which flag flies, in mountains where conspiracies have been created between certain types of people, exiles, nationalists, tribal mysteries played out over eons. In China and in Japan blogging is taken as a an artform perhaps because of an ancient connection to calligraphy and a certain precision of spirit. There are few people who would question the beauty or the permanence of the Tao Che Ching. In the West the tendancy is to attempt to pull things apart to understand them, to see how they work and in the East there is a tendancy to put them together, to seek connections and unities. An inspiracy between lovers of freedom and beauty and honesty must have some effect. Spread the inspiracy she wishhpered,


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  1. crap, I have never been first. Speechless!

  2. Speechless, I am outraged and laughing cos where is the comment I posted about thirty minutes ago? Did this thing eat it? And I can’t remember what I said now, let me think, something about the politics of connections in China, it was inspired, you’ll have to take my word for it. Anyway, very thought-provoking post, as always.

  3. Yea, yea. Me too. I posted something VERY incredible, the most amazing comment EVER and
    my wordpress ate it.
    yea thats it.
    ate it.
    You know in Japan you can get used panties (previously worn by school girls) from vending machines?
    Just sayin

  4. not actually blogging for money but blogging about it, whoosh, it’s like a toilet bowl seriously

    If only I could describe how badly I laughed with this, thanks!!

  5. damn straight!

  6. Gnarly…

  7. that west pulling things apart business, that’s why I love Derrida’s take, making something new out of the dissection. Of course you are right about the east/west, I wonder why, find that really interesting, especially after living out there for a long time……perhaps the explanation is in language…..? It defines us in so many ways and their languages are visual/aural, pieced together like puzzles, strokes and symbols, our alphabet a handful of little signs tumbling one after another, scattered, disseminated? Oh well, just thinking outloud here, sorry.

  8. wishpered

    worth my whole bloggin day

  9. oops guess it’s spelled with 2 h’s–wishhpered

    or maybe that’s the way it’s spelled down under?

  10. shh,

  11. hheh,

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