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Now that noone reads me no more cos my pottery is broke except people who have already read far too much of me, ohh he says, flicking his towel, i can speak my own language, i can give examples,


he is sitting on the beach behind his sandcastle
with something long and white hanging out of his mouth
like a half swallowed lure,

i shall antihaiku all night thru,
dance my wicked games on you,
no safety nor surprise will do,
until i see that purple moon,

later wandering aimless down the beach, cheap wine
and a four day growth, chisel, man!
i’m shipping steel, yeah, shipping steel,

in the dawn a billion soldier crabs
through some strange signal
dissappeear like a blue sheet
evaporating into the sand

and he is still carrying the knife
in one hand and in the other
the trophy, neither fish,
nor man,


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  1. (a huge thankyou must go out here to Peter the Supernal Onion for his truely inspirational comment on The Legend Of Paul Squires and his incredible eye for detail, and also a little nod to the Doors for one line and Cold Chisel for a couple of snippets)

  2. Oh, hey, I get the first comment. simply wonderful poem. brilliant images. I was just thinking about Jim Morrison (he wrote poetry too) b4 paying you a visit.
    (is that a lure or a cig?)

  3. Dude, I totally love the word ‘inspiracy.’ You have to let me borrow it/steal it, please thanks, if you don’t mind!
    Yes that is one for sharing, haha, spread the inspiracy, i say, that might make a cool tshirt, i feel inspired by you, hahaha, magic,

  4. Probably best band ever in terms of bacchanalian rhapsodies, music and poetry in perfect harmony…….which is what this poem does too, of course, and the last two, astonishing, breathtaking, especially the blue sheet evaporating (even better than the photograph laid out on the table).

  5. Now– bullshit aside, that’s what I’m talking about!

  6. Rave on, pianoman, the chords are sweeter than putts struck on line and perfect speed– and not a single one lips out. More, please…

  7. Ship away those steel, man….
    to India..

  8. watch out wankin on the beech, you’ll get sandburn, believe me, I know.
    If my brain hurts does that mean I have read too much?

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  10. I like it.

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