the passing of the dinosaur,

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all i really wanted to do was to tell you a story, but this story has no characters and no plot cold and empty and deep, it is just a moment i theorised must have happened, the first time a human made the distinction between noise and music, some poor old grey back ape traipsing home exhausted from a long and futile hunt, too many children, we have eaten ourselves out of our home again and again the game has fled, four days lonely march and as he crests the hill his wife greets him, throwing herself into his arms,

i have caught nothing, he says,

never mind she replies, i have grown a garden and your son has tamed a horse,

later he is sitting outside the home banging damp flints increasingly frustrated, ari, did you leave these flints outside all night again, too tired from chasing those horses, how did it come to me have a mad son firstborn, those spirits are untameable, perhaps one day one of them will take pity on us poor humans and offer us some assistance but your chasing wild dreams leaves us with damp flints, a garden, she says, man cannot live on vegetables alone, plants do not offer blood, all the while banging the flints,

why is it that minor chords sound sad?


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  1. “never mind she replies, i have grown a garden and your son has tamed a horse,”
    That is beautiful, so beautiful, and the other made me feel so sad . This is really exquisite Paul.

    In a strange case of synchronicity i have started reading ” The Clan of the cave bears’ again.

  2. yep, exquisite, enigma’s bang on. ‘all the while banging the flints, why is that minor chords sound sad?’ It’s not just the writing either, it’s the idea, the idea rocks (sorry, I had to).

  3. “the idea rocks” LOL!!!
    i likey, Paul. Iz fun to wallow in the wealth of your creative explorations. I find myself blinking and viewing the world with Paul-eyes sometimes now.
    (And they thought i was weird before….)

  4. I will refrain from puns—liked it–chasing dreams was excellent

  5. his eyes traced her form
    investigating every shade and shadow
    his heart raced as he crouched, watching her from behind a row of brush as she knelt by the stream.
    Soon, the sound of his pounding heart overtook the babbling of the water and chirping of the birds.
    all he could hear as he gazed at her

    if music was born of sadness it was not due to there being no meat, it was that the meat was being handled alone, if you know what I mean. I do like the story though, and man, I am sure, has been dealing with his impetus from the beginging.

  6. impetus is not the word I meant to use. what I meant was along the lines of defulcation

  7. ^^^ ~grin~ ^^

  8. “meat was being handled alone?” chuckle.

  9. Your king of the last always packs a punch. Lovely.

  10. You’re…dern things always get me.

  11. why is it that minor chords sound sad?

    i think it’s because minor chords typically suffer from major chord envy…

    have a feeling you would solve any riddle the sphinx threw at ya.

    enjoyed this… tremendous…

  12. Thanks everybody. This is one riddle that has plagued me for a long time. Why do minor chords sound sad to everyone? It can’t be a learned response, it must be something inate, inherent in some confluence between the structure of the sound and something in our minds. It is the kind of mystery that my brain will never let go.

  13. So much to explore here…animals, humans and the connections made with the spirit…the stuff of my dreams…

  14. I have renamed this piece, in fact, after I changed the blog template back to big letters I went back and edited all these pieces because the truth is I am an incredible pedant about my own work, oh well,

  15. I love this insight into prehistoric life, I like the way that you make things seem as though they haven’t changed much in the essentials very much at all. I often wonder too about minor chords…

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