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hot diggety dogs, cool bananas, poetry blogs, all free amuirin grins,
how young we were back then when every fishwifes cry’s a song
and her husbands hands knit poems,
a blessing, a greeting, a toast, all rolled in one,
breakfast by the shining sea,
gingatao and endless cups of tea,
i saw them again last night,
they were here dancing,


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  1. I loved reading this out loud, a mouthful of little smiles, lovely.

  2. How simply, wonderfully and completely charming. Just brilliant!

  3. a very cool poem, brilliant!

  4. “her husbands hands knit poems” i like the societal inversion of this line. makes me giggle.

    i would drink endless cups of gingatao divine, anytime.

  5. Evidently, judging from the tone of this lovely work, brilliance is not defined by controversy. This poem is the stroll to the nineteenth, one-up. Nice…

  6. Lighthearted and playful..lovely.

  7. fanciful dreams, eh? You’ve quite the duality going there don’t ya?

  8. madman,
    do you ever sleep? The best!

    “how young we were back then when every fishwifes cry’s a song
    and her husbands hands knit poems,”

  9. “elegant, simple, eternal, mischievous,” [he said, with a smile].

  10. Thanks everybody, I learned how to access the internet from my mobile phone, trouble will ensue no doubt, it’s 7.00 a.m. and I am thirsty,

  11. Trouble is a good thing.

    Mobility is even better.

    Keep the absinthe flowing, so the fishwife and her first mate’s voices won’t go hoarse on us.

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