The Nuremberg Defence.

March 15, 2008 at 5:06 pm | Posted in writing | 19 Comments
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it was nice of you to let my brother come, she said,

no i understand first time here and all you needed another eye, do you think he could arrange me some smoko?

you don’t need ganga, filing her nails, you have me,

yeah, hibiscus in bloom, but i need to escape geometry and grammar if i’m gonna find the sweetest parts of you,

so this isn’t your home? what do you do?

well, predictable is controllable as the old man says, he said, stubbing out a cigarette, i find beautiful things and move them somewhere their beauty can be better appreciated,

you ever heard of Rimbaud? her brother said later, leaning over the pool table to line up a shot, now that’s an interesting ending, man,

no, he said, looking at his watch and wondering how much longer she would be, the rattle of the ball into the pocket,

don’t worry, the young man said, you got plenty of time to lose this one,


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  1. Beautiful rhythm, it just undulates, is perfectly weighted……..and the story is vivid and clever and really puts the reader there. Great.

  2. I particualrly like the line about needing to escape geometry and grammar to find the sweetest parts…

  3. predictable is controllable–lines up perfectly with the title…never scratch on the last shot.

  4. Yes, predictable is controllable… all the more reason to get high and play pool. Enjoyed this…

  5. My favorite line:

    “yeah, hibiscus in bloom, but i need to escape geometry and grammar if i’m gonna find the sweetest parts of you”

    Fine job yet again, kind sir.

  6. Love it. gimmesomeganga lol. Ditto Tina Trivett!
    Beautiful writing, dense poetic lovely. Wonderful how you slip us right into the moment, makes me stop and reconsider my long-winded stuff. Yeah I know Rimbauld too, the little lecher that he was, died writing his verse. A good way to go, me thinks 🙂

  7. ooh nonono sorry it was Paul Verlaine who was the little lecher who died writing his verse; he had a fling with Rimbauld when he was a young thing. Too much wine + deadpoets gossip = rumors.

  8. Yeah, thankyou, Rimbaud stopped writing poetry and went to Africa to be a gunrunner and slavetrader. Cool ending,

  9. Love the boinging i and paranthetic sky (oh a little rhyme)…… if you change it, again, people will wonder what I’m on, ganga?

  10. the tiny i is trying to bounce high enough to hug the eye in the sky,
    ( i might post that as an antihaiku, haha)

  11. I suppose most of us need to escape geometry and grammar.

    I can’t, not with geometry, as I teach it to high school students.

  12. My favorite line is the hibiscus one. For me it’s a beautiful way to say that sometime we are just too busy to take the time to appreciate the world and the people that surround us!

  13. I love how the poem moves to its conclusion – or anticipates the conclusion that we won’t see.

  14. yeah!! love the twists and turns, this post and others, too, great blog

  15. i sorry Paul…. I’ve been putting the linky over on the poetry train. I used to ride on it last year in another life. Didn’t mean to do a bad. I thought if more people read your wonderful stuff you might also have more peoples in your store.
    i won’t do it again. 😦
    You may spank me now.

  16. imagistic… impressionistic… in short, ya done, kid… as usual…

  17. Ohh Lakota, it is not bad, it was just a strange thing, noone has done such a lovely gesture for me before, thankyou, but if i may, i will still have just the lightest little tap?
    thanks Chico,

  18. You deserve endless nice gestures Paul. And yes you may… right cheek if you please? We’ll save the left for when i next get in trouble. And if you’re a betting man, I would take the bet that I will… get in trouble. ~wink~

  19. Oh no, I can’t defile such a wondrous thing with my uncouth touch. How about one of these instead? (((((((((((((lakota)))))))))))))), yayayayayayaay

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