Lakota’s mug

March 10, 2008 at 8:39 pm | Posted in writing | 12 Comments
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I did you a nice white coffee mug with the
quote in discrete black. I hope you like it but don’t feel obligated to buy it, I just did it as an experiment,

Community mug


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  1. Jo, what did you want ‘fire is lights blood’ on, we have some some stationery just in, maybe as a logo on some stationery? , oh and i suppose you want the apostrophe in there too, hahaha,

  2. hey that is a very cool mug…..a very cool quote,

    oh yes, the apostrophe is very important there grin.

    I’ll come back later with requirements.

  3. how big a quote can you put on teeshirts?

  4. AMEN!

  5. i love it! let me see if anyone else i know wants one ordered at same time which i assume would save on shipping. i may have you put on bigger mug for me though… KotaKoffee supersizes. ~smooches~

  6. Cool, I think there is a bigger mug, let me know. Where did your blog go to, Lakota? It was fun. Fire is light’s blood I have done in blazing red on some underwear, the shop is updating them now. And I can put the quote you wanted on a tshirt or anywhere. Hopefully at some time I will have time to read some stuff too,

  7. I,ll take 10.

  8. woohoo, you should be able to order them from the shop now, let me know how it goes, i have put the quote on larger coffee cups and steins as well, it is updating now, let me know if you have any requests, the only obstacle at the moment is time and my button pushing abilities, thanks for all the encouragement, all of you, it is invigorating, enlivening, life is an amazing adventure,

  9. I tried to buy one of your white T-shirts…for the wet t-shirt contest, but it doesnt take pay-pal…

  10. Enigma, “ Accepts: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, CafeCash and Gift Certificates.” Hmm, that’s a pity, paypal is better as you say but I’m not sure there’s anything I can do now. I’ll ponder, but thanks for trying, I really appreciate it. Oh and I’m updating the logos, the feedback was that they were too small so I am doing some with bigger logos but it takes the shop a day or two to update them. Life as a shopkeeper, it’s all go, no rest for the wicked,

  11. reat, you should see what its like being in the weapons bussiness, endless paperwork.

  12. I can imagine. Still you do get to blow things up every now and then which must be some consolation, woohoo, BOOOOMMM!

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