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March 3, 2008 at 6:40 pm | Posted in writing | 18 Comments


How about no craft at all, just a test of typing? Bloody hell, spellcheckers gotta be good for something. Fuckin’ apostrophes, the person who invented the rules of the fuckin’ apostrophe had a brain like an apostrophe, pointless indicator of nothing, reading this how does that little mark add anything to marks perfect tiny poems? But anyway, what I wanted to tell you was I have been reading sports magazines for tips on fashion, the houndstooth particularly appeals, and I read an interview with an overpaid ball boy who said that you have to believe that you’re good enough if you want to play in the majors. Wanker, I thought.

Anyway just a short note to let you know that there won’t be anymore poetry in my blog, cos anything you give away, you cant sell, not that I can sell my poetry, of course, but then again, sitting around fiddling with words ‘s something I really enjoy and who wouldn’t want to do something they enjoy for a living,

So this letter is obviously more questions than answers, sorry, but times’ pressing hahahah,



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  1. Does it have to be craft? Sometimes that gets in the way of the writing….and if you cant sell your poetry you need a good agent.(if you dont already have one) and i hate fuckin”””””” apostrophe””””’s,,,,,,, too, I think they””re a wank, and anyone in houndstooth , especially if they have elbow patche”””’s is probably a wankr”””””.
    An apostrophy brain is like a brain that has atrophy.
    Thats me rambling……

  2. a brain like an apostrophe, pointless indicator of nothing

    That had me in a fit of laughter, really; but just when I restart posting my word-based experiments, you give me some hard food for thought to chew upon! Another rethink is on the cards, I guess; not that my words come half as close to achieving what yours blow as an appetizer, though;;;;;;;;;
    I guess ; is better than ‘ though;!

  3. well you already know what i think.

  4. “the person who invented the rules of the fuckin’ apostrophe had a brain like an apostrophe”
    I think i saw this guy once… he was kinda scary. Enigma cracks me up.
    people buy poetry? Get out! I thought she was the redheaded stepchild of the arts…

  5. Thanks Sumedh. The photo is brilliant, literally. And Enigma you crack me up too, wily foxspirit. Lakota, I don’t know if people buy poetry, but I hope to find out for sure pretty soon, life is an amazing adventure. Jo, I didn’t mean that particular poems that have appeared in a blog can’t be sold, the rules change all the time and different publications have different guidelines. I just meant it as a general principle, that if you give something away, you can’t sell it, like a general principle of business, that’s all.

  6. I was talking about the grammar…………………..

  7. yay! revolution!!!!

    Where’s my beret? Do you think it needs a star badge on it… y’know for that final touch 😉

  8. Narnie, yes a star badge and you should break out that old torn Che T-shirt, woohoo,
    Oh sorry Jo. Yes we are always gonna disagree on grammar, but the point is even though I broke all the rules of apostrophes the meaning is still perfectly clear, so I am still left wondering, what is their point if they don’t assist in comprehension?

  9. because not everybody reads with a mind as fine as yours (wink)……..and it’s not just about apostrophes, you decide to leave them out, someone else decides to leave something else out,

  10. Paul
    What’ else’ can’ I’ add’??’
    Sometimes they won’t publish your poetry if it has appeared in a blog or forum, but most will. The question may not be will people buy poetry, but will anyone publish it. Is poetry really poetry or prose w/o ”’…,,,? It is a tough business to crack I am sure—-there is a poem coming to my blog about it…in the big picture–does anyone really give a shit about poetry? btw I have a jacket with elbow patches…

    just kidding

  11. Will sunonhead come back? He can hang out at my blog if he wants.. 🙂

  12. Shame there’ll be no more poetry, but you’re right. If you post on your blog, a lot of outlets won’t then accept it. One that would though is Bolts of Silk of course. I have two streams of poetry, one for those that go straight to blog (usually in resonse to something like Read Write Poem) and those that try their luck in the big bad world and if they’re successful then they get to rest on my blog after their achievements. Well i guess there’s a third stream too for those that are not good enough to appear anywhere…

  13. So, I’ll come back with a proper comment now that I am wearing my t-shirt and put on my sensible hat to reply. Paul, your writing is not like others’ writing. It does not carry the same rules because it is not trying to convey words but thoughts. You are respectful of the viewer – the audience – and as such take them on a journey which they may not have otherwise experienced by challenging the rules (of grammar and so much more) as well as creating new ones. As far as poetry is concerned – yes, it is a difficult area to crack within the publishing world but your work does not necessarily define poetry nor prose… it is unique and as such, yes, you should guard it as much as anyone would with a precious invention before trademarks, copyrights, etc., are set in place. What’s the point of breaking the mould if everyone’s already seen your crack (ooo-er). Can I go back to lining them up against the wall now? Fabbo. 🙂

  14. while what you write is true about Paul’s writing, Narnie, he has yet to be published, so needs to present himself in the same way as everybody else………this is just a sorry fact, though I hope I am proven wrong; we all know he’s a genius, they’ve yet to find out………and yes, i agree wholeheartedly re the guarding.

  15. My, but we’re feeling a bit full of ourselves today, aren’t we? Funny, but you don’t look like an entrepreneur in that fancy non-metaphorical halfturn manuever you parade before us in justification of your decision to starve us of your poesy. But, that’s fine, we’ll learn to get by on the gruelish (by way of comparison) wit you choose to share with us. It’s okay… really…

    Think’ nothin’ of’ it’ …

  16. colonial upstart–I like that–brought me a smile!

  17. Paul! Hope you’re well. So you’re saying that any poetry I post I can never publish in binding? Well that sucks. Thanks for your lovely comments, I’ve been off exploring the world around me, gambling, and doing all sorts of non-poetic seedy depraved things that would make my mother blush. I guess I won’t be posting anymore poetry either, if that’s the case. Still looking forward to reading whatever you post though….cheers.

  18. *smiles*
    i so enjoy reading these conversation ones that spool dropped and bundle in the dust chooms.

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