Where’s F.?

February 22, 2008 at 5:16 pm | Posted in writing | 17 Comments
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At some point the money’s gotta be coming from somewhere, I have been out exploring (problogging insertlink haha), round and round you go past advertising disguised vaguely or not and sitting somewhere behind a screenmachine is a person getting paid for misdirected clicks, there is a vacuum sucking as it were the point of your mouse to a flashing red light waiting for a jerk of your wrist beyond conscious sensible control, and with a margin of error beyond its visible borders to gather what? Perhaps just an address. But they are boring money number counting numbnuts whose only chance of getting paid is by processing numbers. There is no content, they are chasing each other round in circles past each others adverts, hahahahahahahahahahaaaaa,

now son you stand there at that door in that uniform with that big fucking gun,


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  1. searing

  2. Your tags are becoming as entertaining as your blogs. 🙂 Make sure the bloody safety catch is on, eh?

  3. Narnies right, watch the safety…but more importantly, if its a semi-auto, watch out for the slide…it can take your hand off.and i need to read up to find out who “F” is.

  4. Don’t worry. I want to put ‘like dogs sniffing bums’ after past eachothers adverts like dog sniffing bums, don’t worry comments are deletable, no such thing as a permanent record,

  5. The tags are a bit amusing as are the comments. This is story is getting better everyday. I can see Mae West addressing the young man with the big gun…..” or are you just happy to see me.”

  6. But ya get to work from home…
    gotta find that silver lining. Course then again, working at home eliminates interaciton with actual human beings, reducing all human contact to our virtual numeric shadows in an etherial non-world.

  7. Ya gotta offer something I want F.



  8. Don’t ask me. I am looking for F. too.

  9. oh somehow they pay you when you are working never doing what you love but loving what you work to do to get a pay that you never receive for; phew; gosh; i’m in a state capable of testing this LCD screen for its ability to take a head-butt from me

  10. Haha, F. shouldn’t be too hard to find, easier than Wally, he has his own button over there in the tag cloud. Next time I find one of those probloggy competitions I am going to edit in the link to it from this piece and join in. They network market links like Amway but without the detergent. What a world. Alright, I suppose I should go back to being a writerly-type writer again, that was fun but, now whats this button, rtataratatatat, ****(bulletholes), oh, that’s the safety, sorry,

  11. You realize, of course, that the world is being overtaken by an army of morons? Just today I discovered positive evidence of a quite large advancing force. But, I am not afraid. I am armed to the teeth with biting wit and humorous, if not appreciated, sarcasm. And if that doesn’t work I may have to resort to underhanded old age and treachery; which I have heard, always overcomes youth and skill.To the front of the fray and CHARGE!

  12. Fabian! Woohoo, how I have missed you, chaaarrggee……..

  13. Number counters never bring any joy into the world. Thank goodness for those who are willing to stand watch against the onslaught.

  14. Hellooooo is there anybody out there?

  15. ((((((((((((((((((Fabian)))))))))))))))))

  16. (((((((((((((((((((Fabian))))))))))))))) where are you? i hear your voice echoing through the ether but i can’t find you, hellooooooooooooooo….

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