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I first realised my career would go no further than an airport bar playing to drunk businessmen and their prey and their predators… (insertlink) My original plan was to shut ’tis blog down today, let’s face it a twelvebar blues can go on forever and often sounds like it already has, and undertake the onerous and untiggerlike task of editing it down into a manuscript presentable to a perhaps not so reputable publisher with a note that actual sex and violence could be inserted pretty much anywhere, as required to fulfill some mundane motive, since the original work, this bloggedy blog is already done, insert andy warhol tattoo,

time it turns out may not be linear but still somehow remains in short supply and leave on the static front page a link to the search engine with a note stuck on the fridge saying, sorry, roll roll, missed you again, leave me a note if you catch me, ie write your own manuscript, was william seward burroughs forgot somehow, became an icon without ideas, just a face and a voice,

but then i opened a beer on a beautiful blue brisbane friday afternoon and she is smiling so i just dropped in to say, hello, free hugs today, yayaya


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  1. Noooooooooo…*screaming * you cant shut it down, now that I have found you and all your cool friends,*wailing and gnashing of teeth, and much hair pulling*

    but, I also think a blog can take up so much time, that otherwise could be spent in much better pursuits………

  2. (((((((((((you))))))))))))))))

  3. free hugs are always welcome. ((((((((((((you)))))))))

  4. ((((((((((youtoo)))))))))))

  5. hello and hugs to you too mr s……

  6. Oh, that is a very polite hug, Jo, here is one for you (((((((((((firmhandshake)))))))))))

  7. Would a bear hug do?

  8. Oh dear, I missed the group hug (((((((((((((everybody)))))))))))))

  9. I know what you mean tho…I had another blog for about 1.5 years and deleted it in the spur of the moment, only to turn around and start another one.

    ((((keep on writing, whatever you decide))))

  10. you know me, I always mind my manners, laughing……..okay (((((((((everybody)))))))))…… too.

  11. (((((((((((((((((((((((((shh))))))))))))))))))))))))))
    you and you and you and everyone

  12. time delay here–I missed the hug thing…Paul, Paul, Paul

  13. Damn, missed the group hug. When is the group… ummmm… “other stuff” going to happen?
    I always feel better after popping open a Friday beer also. Wahtya drinkin?

  14. Keep your dick-skinners off me…

    Well, that was pleasant, wasn’t it? Slap!

    Thanks, I needed that. Hello… and goodbye, if , indeed, goodbye is truly indicated (and I’m not sayin’ that’d be my choice), but, you see, I’m running out of commas, so I must (well, not MUST, really, so strike that and insert ‘should’, if you like) run along, but know that I’ll miss the free entertainment, you selfish so-and-so (that’s right, I said it), but I’ll persevere… somehow. Now look what you’ve done.

  15. ozy ozy ozy……oy oy oy


  16. What? No Blog..?



  17. struggle with the same quandy/dilemma/demons, yada yada yada, blah blah blah, che sera, sera myself…

    i’ve learned, if it was meant for you, you will do it even if you have to get it down with a burnt sienna crayola crayon on single-ply toilet paper…

    and i’m pretty sure you were meant to write…

    so stop reading this comment and go get yourself published!

    be well…

  18. Do I have to come down under and straighten them out? A blog is a blog, but your voice booms over the world.

    No hugs from me, you don’t want what I have. 😉



  19. yayayayay! group hug!
    ((((((((((((((((((((((((((everybody))))))))))))))))))))))) (except Bob, scaredy cat,)
    woohoo rage on, I say,

  20. I’m not scared. 😛




  21. Hugs and best wishes I send out to you, but here’s hoping you just take a break and not a permanent one.

  22. Just a short holiday, my brain is lounging in a hammock by the ocean drinking martinis and watching life roll by,

  23. Sir? Would you like a pink umbrella with that?



  24. A few weeks off is good thing every couple of years. You will be missed. I hope you find the strength to keep going. You’re one of the good ones, man.

  25. a few weeks off every couple of years? I would love a pink umbrella, thank you, is there some kind of union I can join, holey mackeral,

  26. Never shut down.
    Take a break by all means, but resist the temptation to shut down.

  27. I am always perplexed in regards to this blogging phenomena. Is it a waste of time or is it similar to doing therapy? Even when we go through therapy, breaks are needed. Take a break. read and meditate. But then return because I have a feeling that the writing of this blog is a form of exercise for your soul…you need it to keep you healthy.

    Also you inspired me to not delete the blog I keep, so I would like to recommend that you keep this blog alive. The blogoooosphere would loose a very important link if you cut out. However, I am a hypocrite because I do understand the need to not blog. We could be writing a novel, reading or focusing upon publication (I like to think of blogging as practice).

    …read a few good books, do some meditation and sleep. My hope is that after the break you return with at least a weekly entry.

  28. oh…………and in the future they will be studying Bloggers in school in the same way that currently books/novelists are studied. What you are doing has much meaning beyond the confines of linear time.

  29. Well said Randall. There is more great writing going on by bloggers than any best sellers list.



  30. Cool bananas, there you go for a beginning, a bunch of layabouts and miscreants addicted to the word, exiles from the mainstream of human experience by a peculiar tendancy to annunciate,
    if you want me to keep blogging, well, you know my mad mind will not allow me to laxily fulfill expectations,
    sally forth, I say,

  31. mad mind perhaps but a genius, of that there is no doubt.

    Don’t leave us hanging, please Mr Squires, Sir…..

  32. You cant close this down!!

    Oh yeah, I know, I was supposed to have contributed here, but much (not so good) has been going on in my life since then.

    Can I write once at least before you start considering the shutdown once again? puuuuurlease?

    And since hugs seem to be the order of the day,

    here’s another group hug:


  33. Alrght,

    Lovin your work baby so don’t stop now,

    This english rose loves to dream of the ocean and sun drenched days in oz.




  34. Yayay more hugs, ((((((((((((you))))))))))), that’s a cool song too. Are you DJ Batra? I’ve never hugged a DJ before. Well there was that one time, but we don’t like to talk about that.

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