Overcoming Performance Anxiety (part 2)

February 14, 2008 at 5:43 pm | Posted in writing | 11 Comments
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Well, let me just say this, you are far too beautiful for an old dog like me. You’re smarter and quicker than I am so I already know that I don’t stand a chance in any negotiation, all I can do is hold out for the best deal I can get, need and power being in inverse proportion and all, and seeing as all I have to offer is a handful of tiny coloured pearls, I figure I will just leave them here in this open window, my love, between my poor bed and the vast Moroccon night and wait for you to take pity on my poor soul, so completely absorbed in you that nothing else exists but a rhythm and two bright stars sparkling in an eternity of luscious dark curls,

and if they are still there in the morning, they are yours,


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  1. Fate is a curious thing. Will he be able to sleep though with such a lot riding on the sunrise? (such a lot riding on the sunrise… well, if he gets lucky, I suppose, haha)

  2. Narnie…..you cheeky girl you!I,m shocked,HA
    Need and power,that can be a powerful aphrodisac, lovely, as always. G

  3. That was beautiful, heart-warming, and touchingly romantic.

    so completely absorbed in you that nothing else exists but a rhythm and two bright stars


    I so long to post my own writings; alas! This trepidation and concern over it being copied shouldn’t be there at all! Not that many would copy it in the first, it being amateurish and all – but alas! such is life; such are insecurities!

  4. sweet
    The “old dog” could possibly find intrigue for others by holding mysteries to the self. I like this in that it portrays how often we reveal what we believe to be obviouse when it is not necessary and often detrimental. It is one thing to be honost and yet another to be brutaly honost.

  5. beenhere shh

  6. Sometimes the old dog gets what he longs for. Great write today.

  7. Every time I read this, it reminds me more of Christopher Walken’s portrayal of ‘The Continental’ on SNL. ““Would you care for a glass of shamPAHNya?” LOL

  8. shamelessly romantic

    His humble entreaty makes him
    limitlessly lovable.

  9. it can be read either way, either he is die hard romantic or an old fool……..


    BTW, can I have those pearls?

  10. Now, this is wooing with a touch of chivalry. A woman out there is batting eyelashes and raising a cocktail glass at you (there might even be footsie at work under the table, heehee). 😉

  11. Wonderful stuff! And who can resist the offer of pearls?

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