Warumpi Band

February 10, 2008 at 2:35 pm | Posted in music | 6 Comments
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Australian Music Day. Here is a Sunday afternoon lazy beer singalong, The Warumpi Band covering a song made famous by Christine Anu. You may remember her singing it at the opening of the 2000 Olympics. I like this relaxed version and its images of my home, (oh you might want to turn it down a little bit, it’s quite loud for some reason, it’s better gentle,

(Video removed due to copyright issues, fair enough.)

Warumpi Band in the National Library

And you can buy Warumupi Band Cd’s here at Neil Murray’s site.

Here’s to the late great wonderful George Burrarrawanga, his spirit eternal,


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  1. I love that bit where George leaps into the sea chasing fishyfish, for obvious many times aforestated reasons.

  2. Thanks Matey,
    i’m sitting on my veranda, in the sun, looking out over the ocean, drinking a beer.Its the perfect companion to it:)
    I prefer this version .

  3. Thank you for the reminder to sit still, smell the roses, and enjoy the life I have. Sometimes rush too fast I forget to honor it. You and your blog frequently remind me of what matters.

    Thank you

  4. what a fantastic word/name warumpi, wonder what it means, I will go look. The song is beautiful, very moving, as is the video……. 🙂

  5. Wow… thanks for this. As an American (read ‘ignorant one’ here), my knowledge of Aboriginal performers is lacking, but I’m quite impressed with this one. I enjoyed this very much, on several different levels.

  6. yes, the fishyfish bit is excellent – you have a beautiful home, it’s a lovely lovely song too.

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