Sunday 1977

January 27, 2008 at 8:06 am | Posted in music | 8 Comments
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Australian music day, 1977. I woke up in a busstop one Sunday in Spring Hill, Brisbane, covered in purple, fallen Jacaranda flowers, hungover stumbled down the sunlit street and was assaulted by the Saints. I went into their little rundown workers cottage and got as close as I could to the bass amp,

I have never felt so alive, the music literally rips through your body and cleans you out,

and this version is perfectly lowfi, it sounds exactly like they sounded live except they were a lot lot lot louder and it could have been filmed in that very room.

The link above is to The Saints Official Website, go visit the legend Chris Bailey, and there you can buy the music.


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  1. Yep, that’s my kinda music,

  2. Woohoo! Get you Mr Moo 😉 Wanna pogo?

  3. That was great. I can’t believe I’ve not heard their stuff before (being a punk fan). What a sin. Will definitely get hold of some albums. Do you like The Birthday Party at all? Damn good Aussie punk goth noise!

  4. I like how you always add the information so people can buy the music. I rarely think to do that, and it shows respect for the artist.

  5. Pogo! Boing Boing! I never got to see Birthday Party live, there is some Nick Cave in here somewhere, with Shane McGowan. I think as writers we should respect the artists ownership of the work especially if we expect other people to respect ours. There is so much quoting of entire copyright poems and other infringements in the bloggosphere. It’s something I am trying to avoid.

  6. Yea, I remember 1977… that was the year the pigs ate Martha. No, wait, that was ’76, because it was at the Bicentennial Fourth of July party…

    1977… nope, can’t remember it.

    Damn it… I like these guys.

  7. And there you have it, same basic musical structure, with the rhythm guitar doing what the horns and strings are in the other one, two representations of fine Australian masculinity hahahahahah in the same year,

  8. And from here you could go read my short story Purple which is based on the memories this film clip evinced. Or you could go see the widget I am about to try and make. Or you could go back to your own work and think, jeepers that bloke is smokin’, way too much,

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