sunonhead is lazy

December 27, 2007 at 1:05 pm | Posted in writing | 3 Comments
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Sunonhead and his wife find a shady spot, perfect, whispers sunonhead and then cast with doubt looks to her and she returns his moment with a tiny smile first star from her eye. He settles then and stares into the dark still waters of the night sky glittering with stars,
spirits and riders pass,
followed and following
in a mad decadent parade,
ebbyish shades of all languages
in one, spinning gracious histories like mimis
of balance and poise and passion,
soft desert eric whirligig constellations
just beyond the light of the fire perhaps
one poet man arm around his son,
his sun, that’s two,
sunonhead hears the sparkling waters rushing past,
amuirin, he hears conjuring a smile merely saying
her name amuirin,
he turns from the landscape back to his wife,
who is smiling a silver moon
so soon sunonhead is snoring,
nighty night, sunonhead, she whispers,
rubbing his tummy,
tomorrow, the desert,


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  1. *giddy*

    you wrote us into the constellations of your story;

    that’s pretty cool.
    Not often I go to sleep existing in more dimensions than I existed when I woke up.

  2. i hope that’s alright, i should have asked first, perhaps,

  3. lovely words, lovely sentiment… rolling cartwheel whispers

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