one way or the other,

December 19, 2007 at 5:30 pm | Posted in poetry, writing | 5 Comments
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in the sad eventuality

you are left in a supermarket

and unfamiliar voices which are

not directed at you are all you can hear

as a low murmur

and the pitch and tone of your mother

is suddenly silent

there is a thrill of realization

a sudden exclaimation and

you must not clap you hand to your mouth

so sudden and so obvious dear,

relax into your fear,


allow no tiniest twitch of the tail,




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  1. no such thing as a typo, one way or the other, deborah harry, woohoo, one way or the other,

  2. The rhythm does stand out, but then, everything I’ve read by you has that rhythm, like it’s meant to be sung by a not so faint heart.

    I dig how the rhymes pick up out of nowhere, and yet the meter is unbroken.

  3. I love this nursery rhyme. I like the ending too, I see a battered stuffed animal left behind in a store.

  4. Who lost who?
    really want to be saying more, I’m reading everything, but …y’know.

  5. Thank((((you)))) all for the great feedback for my little, yes Rose, nurseryrhyme, beeskiffle you are back and i will squeeze (((((you))))))!

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