If I Dreamt, I Dreamt A Train.(1)

December 10, 2007 at 5:25 pm | Posted in poetry, writing | 4 Comments
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I first wrote a piece by that name fourteen years ago, thundering west into the setting sun to the cattle yards of Roma, as I recall, was the second line and then about purpose, all done with the drive and steel of a much younger man, back when I dreamt of trains.

Now of course, I prefer a slower discourse like nowhere or now here, a sychronicity perhaps or did the founders of the language hide a fundamental truth in that simple construction, now here? It takes less energy to radiate than to thunder.

My first love was Deborah Harry. I was so young that I wasn’t sure why she captivated me in that drab grey frock singing soon found out it was a heart of glass and then later fade away and radiate,

if i dreamt i dreamt a train
thundering west into the setting sun
to the cattleyards of Roma


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  1. Ha ha, Fade Away and Radiate is one of the coolest tunes ever, an absolute favourite of mine. And this ‘it take less energy to radiate than to thunder’, so true (and explains why I’m permanently cream-crackered).
    As for nowhere/now here, wonderful……..and
    here or not, that Roma sun does radiate. Sorry, very disjointed commentary today — mmm.

  2. If I’d carried a girl, she was going to be called Roma.
    slower discourse….but not stopped, just more patient, and better at listening, actually thinking.
    It is so grey here, each day the steely same, slatey and frowning.
    I like the Dali Heart. Tell me why.

  3. I feel like it’s a story you’re going to tell, little by little.

  4. I feel the vibes, and they echo of the truth, and a sentiment that transcends all ages: hope is steaming on the tracks, let it carry you to the next horizon.

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