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November 15, 2007 at 5:27 pm | Posted in music, poetry, writing | 4 Comments
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Did you fall in love with some islander boy
on a casual Sunday afternoon?
Was the exotic a poison, or did it invigorate?

I apologise I did not wait,
the keys are on the fridge
the maid has cleaned the room
but there is an opening in Luxemburg,
some castle, Gandre, or some such
and I am left in circumstance without choice.

I have left your jewellery in the safe deposit box
in Rio de Janeiro. You will have to find your own
way back. Perhaps the islander boy can swim?

I will meet you in London on Sunday.
If you are not there I shall wait until resources
are thin and compulsion arises.

I am no longer sure who is following
who, me or you,
Oh, when you get there I shall
introduce you to
Richard Tognetti,


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  1. lovely. the exotic was very certainly invigorating; and Tognetti is someone I won’t mind getting introduced to, at all! Ah well, but I am not a female, alas; yet I would love if he should sprinkle some of his virtuoso magic upon me!

    Your endings with commas never fail to amaze me!

  2. This spins out brilliantly, sending the reader timetravelling for the before and after. A beautiful, clever fragment….

  3. a perfect escape for a dull afternoon

  4. yes i did

    the latter

    yes he can of course

    thank you

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