Degrees of Resolution (camera 7)

November 12, 2007 at 5:26 pm | Posted in writing | 7 Comments
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1. silhouette shadow puppets, noh,
lips move when reading
japanese wine (obvious segue-sake)
negative definitions as in this is not
without what this is

2. pointless syllable casting as in what
if this silver bubble s’next to this

3. consistently demonstrates a need for
obvious self-reference as in whispers and intuition
and the crackle of dry leaves

4. why the orchid?
being so far from surreal,
almost licentiously obvious
especially in hindsight

5. one persistent and constant apology
(just take it for granted, immediately,
on any occasion that I offend, it will
save us both a lot of time)

6. revolution? why not?

7. self-portrait (with whiskey and cigarette)


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  1. I’ld like to thank 1poet4man for tagging me and apologise for my blatant breaking off all the rules. I politely refer you to number 5.

  2. oh, and here was I hoping for both,

  3. Sounds like jazz.

  4. Number six sems a good idea…

  5. …and I thank you gingatao!

    …did you HAVE To Break All the Rules…by the way that was an embedded command…and now you have a double bind…



  6. Brilliant, Paul. A very revealing response, “especially in hindsight”.

  7. this had me quite perplexed–how did i miss this?

    oh that’s right time is not linear

    nor is jimi hendrirx

    or funkadelic–bootsy in you

    this is classic–thanks to brad for beinging it out of hiding

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