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November 11, 2007 at 8:17 am | Posted in music | 3 Comments

Continuing our series of great Australian musicians…..
The rock ‘n roll of Billy Thorpe and The Aztecs..

RIP, Billy Thorpe, legend, 1946-2007

(oh, if you were looking for poetry, go read Jason M Norwood at No Cause For Alarm, it’s on the blogroll, very cool smart poems, careful and with a kind of ethereal grey beauty to them,


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  1. Billy Thorpe used to live in Moorooka and could be found playing his guitar for the locals at the back of his parent’s shop on Beaudesert Road. An unofficial Billy Thorpe street exists in Moorooka as well! Luuurrvve Billy.

    Incidentally, did you know he missed out on being on the ‘walk of fame’ in the Valley? Regurgitator get a star but Billy doesn’t!

  2. Hello

    I hate to do this but a muse made me

    Tag your it…

    Please forgive me.


  3. Love Billy Thorpe. His sound is very akin to the Southern Rock of the Allman Brothers or Atlanta Rhythm Section and several other bands from the sixties & seventies. Which means I really enjoyed listening.

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