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November 6, 2007 at 5:48 pm | Posted in writing | 1 Comment
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My Dear Mr Ronaldhino,
Thankyou so much for your application to the college. It is with great pleasure that we invite you to visit your nearest lodge (would it be Umbada Exu perhaps?) to receive a very warm welcome and much celebration at your arrival.
Having viewed the footage you so thoughtfully included (and with much appreciation of the cleverness of your particular selection from the hundreds of hours available), we have no doubt that anyone who is capable of literally creating time and space without apparent effort, instinctively and joyous, and then having done so celebrates not with the pride of attainment but with a childlike explosion of outrageous humble smiles sharing the moment of immaculate spontaneous generation, casting the miraculous ginga into the whelming crowd, a gift both to and from,
Well, obviously, sir, I could go on (and on) but all I really wanted to do is acknowledge, the immortal Taoist Magician, Ronaldhino,

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  1. Oh, I wept when he put Brazil 2-1 up in 2002…

    Game over for the Ingerland dream…

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