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November 2, 2007 at 9:18 pm | Posted in writing | 4 Comments
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cockney poet talks of engines
chopin handel liszt
all day was wasted in the making
of an empty fist

of kings and queens others mumble
witches toil and stomachs grumble
barmaids smile and whiskeys tumble
lets embrace the risk,

mary whitehouse mary whitehouse
get on the end of this,
mary whitehouse hairy white mouse
get on the end of this
get on the end of this one,
hear we go here we go here we go
here we go here we go here we go-oh

who’s your granny
who’s your granny
little orphan annie,

heads up fresh today,
straight up out of the ocean
fresh fish look at ‘em wriggle
look at ‘em squiggle
still covered in ocean spray.


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  1. a risk embraced and indeed a risk held…nicely done…who is Mary Whitehouse and which end is she on now…?


  2. Mary Whitehouse was an English morals campaigner from the last century. She loudly promoted the idea that any behaviour that didn’t concord with respectable middleclass Christian morality was evil. Here is her wikipedia Mary Whitehouse

  3. this seems so angry, defiant. i think i understand what you are getting at but i must be wrong.
    the rhythm is enticing, images of pearly kings and queens having a knees-up, but a sinister, arrogant knees-up
    plenty more of those fish in the sea?

  4. This piece has been podcast, perfectly drunk as I was when I wrote it which means you can dismiss it as the mad ramblings, empty drunken bullshit of the drunkard, of course, you would have to throw away all of Dylan Thomas and Byron et al, (Bukowhiskey)

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