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October 31, 2007 at 4:28 pm | Posted in writing | 8 Comments
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Christians, sir, on the starboard bow!

Wahah? (waking up from a stupefying sleep)

Christians, sir, on the starboard bow,

Hmm, christians heh. Exercise extreme extreme caution. We must remember The Inquisition when they tries to kill all magic, any claim to power not theirs, omniscent they call him, how proud, how magnificent their god that he could only save the souls of those whom he had made imperfect by having his only son tortured to death. And then claimed to be all loving, remember South America, conquistador, knowledge flowed one way and death the other. They are prone to political cunning since they live in strict heirachies of closeness to god, each striving for an exclusive place in heaven at the expense of us, my friends, who live already with freedom,

So what do you want us to do?

Nothing, ignore them and they will go away. But first hide all the jewellery,


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  1. utterly magnificent!

  2. i don’t laugh aloud, but i snort with a smile.
    i can not be both clever and funny at the same time, and you do it with apparent ease

  3. Heheh… fabulous display of your cheeky smile.

  4. knowledge flowed one way and death the other

    pithy, that……….

  5. killing the magic – very apt for Hallowe’en, a festival stolen from the magic realms, though the magic fights back.

    Excellent piece

  6. note to me, this piece has been podcast, sshhhhmsss, sshh,

  7. And I just heard that podcast, sir. It’s amazing. I can read this and think,”yes, I see whet he means”, then I can listen to it and really know that it’s still serious, but it’s OK to laugh.

    Even as I hide my jewelry.

    Very poignant, especially if one knows the roots of the word jewelry.

  8. oh i have been catching up on writings i missed, thankyou, this is wonderful and still brand new

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