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ebbyisms and the myth of the angelheaded hipster

there is heavyheaded bullocks
nuzzling crumbly thumbs,

children are tugging at
jeans pockets demanding attention,
oo, oo,
there is a thenome
found, hidden, found,
shh, tigger,

here is li’l bastard airborne,
and tumbling down on
young Jimmy Dean in a pavement walk
all hips and shoulders delight in a
found thenome,
tigger, shh

and mariners talk of the North Star
and desert dwellers of the Sirocco,


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  1. This was interestingly thought provoking…but what’s a thenome?

  2. oh, sorry, i think i might have made that word up, it is a beautiful, accidental confluence of meaning, sound and emotion, just something wonderful in language that one might stumble upon and go oo oo look at that isn’t it beautiful, ebby and the angelheaded hipster are the creators of my all time favourite found thenomes, wondrous poets,

  3. Gorgeous, regardless of made-up word :). ‘nuzzling crumbly thumbs’ , just amazing that……..and Tigger landing on Jimmy Dean — what a confluence that! How is it you need only say something as bald as ‘and desert dwellers of the Sirocco’ but the reader is instantly transported there by the momentum already built-up by the incredible rhythm. Genius.

  4. i am all flattered by your borrowingness and i love thenome
    i cleaned the limescale from my kettle and my coffee tastes metalic, it is mouthjangleing but fits, somehow

    “children are tugging at
    jeans pockets demanding attention,
    oo, oo,
    there is a thenome
    found, hidden, found,
    shh, tigger,”

    when you give the attention, which is nearly always, they all cram together, and in the hurry-tumble to get out, the words thenome
    i miss her so much

  5. I miss Narnie too Paul…And you expressed it so well…as only you could…have I told you lately that I love your writing, and you, and Narnie?

  6. nice 🙂

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