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September 20, 2007 at 4:57 pm | Posted in writing | 5 Comments
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I have been asked two questions. Why don’t you just say what you mean? and What’s the difference between a blogger who writes and a writer who blogs?

Blogging is a form of fictional autobiography (even when just a series of links) but I am an extraordinarily boring person. I really only have one idea, with lazily Australian variations, which is why, unlike Keith Jarrett and Oscar Peterson I am doomed to end my career playing in Airport Hotel Bars to generic bored slightly drunk businessmen and their inevitable cohorts, which is that aesthetic unity is a spiritual principle, that a concord of form and function, a fusion of senses attracted to the highlights in her hair as she settles into duvets,

and scent is absorbed into the mind like oils into the skin,

and I have a stream of words like ‘gorgeous’ which flows down her shoulders in cascades of Spanish gypsy curls,
words with wish to conjure her
words she has whispuhrred to me which
I cannot share,
their secrecy is a form of beauty,

She leans over the piano, “Yeah, yeah what about some rock ‘n roll?”

erotica is just a trick of the tongue
a flicker in the corner of her eye
as she walks away
and my left hand watches her walk
and my right hand slides up her spine,
tickling a smiling patient melody
behind her,


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  1. I wouldn’t exactly call this a blog….more like poetry online. I was smiling to myself the other day when I realised my blogroll has been colonised by poets.

    I like the movement in the second half of this…it is indeed a cascade of curls. And no ‘generic bored slightly drunk businessmen and their inevitable cohorts’ I……..LOL.

  2. A Blog is what you want it to be! And when you really make it what you want to, it’s always good! Just like this!

    And this was a nice post…

  3. thankyou both,

  4. So many words with so many smiles. Excellence.
    Thankyou, Ma’am.

  5. I always blamed the piano player

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