antiblog 4 (i think)

September 19, 2007 at 5:43 pm | Posted in writing | 2 Comments
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I have forgotten my original intention which is always a good thing.
First let me talk about links,
they are easy to write and writing is one thing about which I am not lazy. Yes, the occasional typo gets thru and i don’t particularly care because often they reveal more than they distract, accidents of thought, Mr Oceanshaman. Taoist Magic requires the magician only to get out the way and allow mysterious creation to take place. (If anybody reads exactly what I read would they not be in my head?)

entropy, just a word, not a name? but a mind. I could not be Damien Hirst (nor care how to spell his name) because he invested 15, 000, 000 of his own money which he had already made and not spent, or gave away. Something which has proved beyond my small ability, but I know that I would not have made a skull.

There is a connection between Art and politics. All .art is Political in that it requires a commitment to a principle beyond ourselves, my dear and very crafty green poet, and in the absence of any God determining my actions, I can only choose community which extends like ripples in a pond round snaggled mangrove roots, small silver fish like thoughts schooling and on occasion shattering in moments of panic like light.

Sunonhead’s father had no hat.

Everyday I read my blogroll, whoops and as you scroll, I have learnt that rivers flow into oceans and riverstones are born, crystals of sudden salt-cooling caught in fractured sunlight and drifting down to take on the amethyst-emerald colours of soft coral.

And she likes them, these mysteries which I cannot name, (the right is hers by understanding), whose origins are between strange snow capped Japanese woodcut mountains above and the ancient breathing of the sea, my love,


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  1. snaggled mangrove roots, small silver fish like thoughts schooling and on occasion shattering in moments of panic like light

    the sudden appearance of this caught me offguard…..superlative poetry.

  2. thankyou, jo

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