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September 10, 2007 at 5:48 pm | Posted in writing | 3 Comments

, without Bootsy’s Bass or Otis’ smooth suit and loose hip shuffle,
, more mumbling Cohen on a shy day,
let me say that the meaning of life as we know it, collapsing histories of
continents in transition, nations into tribes (who can say
no, we have no wife beaters here, no child thieves),
if you choose to blind yourself to evil from excess empathy,
you shall be excused, forgiven if you think the planet
will not be healthy ‘til Africa is well,
from tribes beyond argument into common consent,

the world abounds in one thing, diversity, there are riches
of rare quality and synchronicities across cultures which can only
indicate a common humanity, an essence of being human,
if there is no dignity in that, no pride carrying a responsibility,

we are human because we can communicate in detail
for survival, acknowledgement that complete independence
is immpossibubble

I am a Poet.
I can speak in images and references, I can boggle
with the sound of anonomatterpayyeah!
but if I have nothing to say that is
because i am a taoist
and i understand that the truth which
can be told is not
the whole truth,


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  1. Luckily, inspite of being a taoist you have something to say…

    and we have the joy of reading it.

  2. thankyou,

  3. “you shall be excused, forgiven if you think the planet / will not be healthy ‘til Africa is well,” Great line and an insightful piece of poetry. Also, I think Otis Redding is incredible.

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