gingaTao!, my love, (set sail)

August 28, 2007 at 5:26 pm | Posted in writing | 2 Comments
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There are so many words on so many screens, my love. They are emanating ripples of fictionality from a common soul, waves of separation which wash upon a shared shore and dissipate outside of time, beyond the icon/avatar, the profile/persons born into words, individuated, particular definitions invented and then………

time slipped into images of Takeshi Kitano
on two screens and silk perfume and bright blue eyes flashing in cascades of the lushest curls,

gingaTao!, my love, writing is a transformative art, a vulcan mind meld ‘cross time and space, he grins, is capable of grand eternities and of
‘x’quisite detail
for you,


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  1. ‘x’quisite

  2. Go! Go! “Beat” Takeshi! As a fan of Japanese cinema, I’ve not seen enough of his films as I should. Still, his is an awesome name indeed, and the allusion is highly appropriate.

    And a very perceptive take on this brave new world in which we find ourselves, for better or worse. Infact your take on it is suprisingly romantic; eminates warmth and positivity and hope. So kudos for not going down some kind of potentially tiresome mock-luddite, postmodern-angst route. There are many cliches to avoid with this topic, and its to your credit that you have circumvented them successfully.
    Thanks, Peter. Your opinion is very important to me for many reasons.

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