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It is a word much bandied about these days in two basic questions. The first is, as a writer, is craft necessary or is writing mere selfexpression therapy? If it is mere selfexpression therapy, “I do it because I must to exorcise demons of the past which are driving me insane in horror stories”, “or how I wish I wasn’t sitting in front of the computer lonely and horney”, why stick it in front of an audience, are you such an exhibitionist?
Which is to say, if you do not believe that craft is necessary in order to be a writer, DO NOT TALK TO ME!
The second question debated is is my craft better than your craft and the answer is yes, because you cant see mine but you can hear me loud and clear. My craft is invisible.
So moving right along now, here is a third question. Why does the word ‘craft’ have two similar meanings, the techniques needed in order to call oneself a writer, and the mechanical techniques of conjuring actual magic?

(or if you are a crooked old pedant like me, Are rhetorical questions always a stylistic error?)

Speaking is not writing. Speaking on a page is
piece of
Speaking is what you do when you are not listening….

by PaulS

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  1. Ha, ha.

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