To The River

August 19, 2007 at 9:26 pm | Posted in writing | 1 Comment
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To The River
A Poem by Ebby

Wrapped delicately in sun
we run windward
through whip-grass leg stinging fields.
We, youandme mud-thick slickshoe slide

Rainscented hedges guide us

to the river edge

Cobble-bottomed rush-Gush torrent

C h I l L s our-nakedtoes squeeling
(heron stiltwalk watches)
from boulder……….to rock………. to bank……….to boulder and
…..back to bank…..

wet-skirted skin sticking wrappedcotton legs.

Dolorous darkCLOUDS
tumble over and over-each-other

tipped from the heavens in a booming


(how many miles, how many? oneelephant twoelephant threeel…)

lightning – we-gasp

minnow silver-darting Quicksilver-Quick
to shadowbottom

Limbache of longing – our childhood Dartmoor
deluge me

I sweep myself away in this downpour

(Editors Note… Ebby is an English poet whose creativity with the language consistently produces work of a transformative nature. She is able to contain literal magic in words. I urge you to read this poem at least twice, out loud, if it’s not too embarrassing. We here at GingaTao believe she is one of the finest poets in English currently working on the internet. You can read more of her ‘xquisite poetry here… Ebby )

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  1. she’s still around somewhere, I’m sure… flurrying her skirts with her wellies poking out, as she dances in fields with daisies, haha. Much missed.

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