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August 18, 2007 at 9:35 pm | Posted in writing | 13 Comments
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[begin transmission]

You are the only subject. I have closed off all the power to everything except this terminal and there is probably only an hour or so left in the battery. I sent the journal to Central and the Log is complete. Harry and Yuko said to say hello. They were incredibly calm and seemed to have found peace in each other in the hours before they left. Oh that’s right, they asked me to remind you of the dinner that night in Sydney, at the Sheridan. I’m sure you remember, my darling. I remember looking at you and seeing you laughing and realising that I no longer needed to search for anything. And yet here I am.

It’s so cold now that a blazing fire wouldn’t warm me but as I imagine you later that night in my dressing gown making tea and sliding my hands around you to feel the softness of you and the warmth, it is as if all this time and distance passes away and there is nothing but the scent of your hair and the delicate warmth of your skin.

And the truth is, my darling, that the great ache in my chest which is my longing for you is also my love. Each moment eternal, radiates,

I have forgotten the answer to the question you must be asking. I am here and I cannot think of one possible reason for our parting except that there must be balance in all things. And I seek solace in our beliefs. But in that single touch, when I brushed those luscious curls from your eyes and you turned to me and smiled,

I’m sorry, my dear, but the lights are fading in and out and I’m typing from memory so please x cuse my absent ‘e’s

absentees I can hear you smile and I am crying with laughter and the joy I have found again in these last few thoughts of you. There is some real sense in the idea that you created me from the chaos of my life before you

and i cant leave my darling one without one more kiss

So here it is it starts as a fun affectionate peck but then your tongue gets involved and invites my tongue and then we part via a soft lingering of lips.

Oh, and by the way, I love yo

[end transmission]


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  1. That is very powerful.


  2. Thankyou Terri. I wish I knew how to find your blog from here, I would like to read it, but my skills with this machine are rudimentary. But thankyou all the same.

  3. You can find my blog:

    You are welcome.


  4. Synchronicities are signposts. We share many features, templates and ideas. Yours is like a practical extension of my more literary theme. Well met, my friend.

  5. Read this before on another site. It still thunders home with a Brit chin up see ya

  6. I thought I had commented on this way back……perfection, absolute rapid heartbeat perfection.

  7. Just dropping by – remembering absent e’s.

  8. Hi sorry to stray off the track but paul squires in sydney is a very good friend who i lost touch with due to losing his address on moving.

    I wonder if it could be???

  9. I’m sorry. I’ve never lived in Sydney. There’s a Dr Paul Squires in Airlie Beach in far north Queensland, but that’s the only other one I know. Did you like my story, by the way?

  10. “I am here and I cannot think of one possible reason for our parting except that there must be balance in all things. And I seek solace in our beliefs.”
    AAAhhhhh…..very , very, …….

  11. hi yes loved the story

    lovin your work


  12. cool bananas, rage on, i say,

  13. I have dusted off my favourite film/book/cd and looked at it’s cover for the first time again in many a day… that mix of anticipation and concern that it will not taste the same in my mind after such a long time… but no, it is still perfect and still wonderfully exquisite writing. So warm, his words, that, of course, sadly chill but there is redemption.

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